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Default Re: MAGNUM - a new website

What's the Big deal about Magnum ANYMORE? Reminds me of the vibrant bands from the 60s who became languishing accounting dinosaurs once young punks went back to 2 chords and a half songs, and garage 2 strings-productions. All these guys in NY during 9/11 and not one defining shot, let alone decisive. Save a couple from Webb, nuth' to write home about, anyone with a cheap cam would have had a field day. I believe that for photo-journalism, 9/11 was also a turning point. I see this book "9/11 by Magnum photographers" f.... g pompous and corporate can you get? Between Nat zero, Lonely flatnet and nabuccodinosaur (read Magnum) spilled-coffee table books, ahah, not much space left on bookstore shelves in already squeezed photography sections.
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