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Default To Davids: Lack of planning

Hi David.

Thanks for your comment.

Tokugawa Ieyasu opened Tokaido highstreet in 1600.
Since then until the end of 19c., maintaining the highstreet had been almost all of the effort taken instead of planning.
As we live on rice and we often have heavy rainfall (more or less than 200mm in three days), water supply and drainage facilities had developed and implimented extensively and intensively during this period.

From the begining of 20c., industries spread all over the surounding greenfields__rice paddies.
Tokaido highstreet also widened and implimented for the ever increasing traffic.
After 1970s, many other urban problems sprung out all at once.
Those staffs in so called "planning" section in local governments are strugling with these problems until today.

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