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Default Congrats... you have fixed something that wasn't broken

I understand the effort of the TE team to improve the look and feel and the usability of the site. From my point of view this is very delicate. I have to deal with issues like this everyday. I'm a User Experience Designer.
Why fix something that is not broken?
Understanding the fact that the site needed a face-lift the new look and feel was long time due. But you have sign-off on something that looked good on a comp, not on a live site.
Users pages now are grouped in boxes... WHY? There are so many boxes now that my eye can't read anything, there are so many borders within borders that the pages are filled with noise.
Recent activity... when did Big Brother took over the site?
Tabs on boxes? HELLO??? It is the only item on the box.. it doesn't make sense... a simple header would make so much more sense.
Critiques section: why is the main reason come to the site? well to offer critique and be critiqued... why do you hide this feature? or is TE encouraging "third party" activities?
I can go on rambling with this heuristic analysis of the site, but I don't want to be banned from the site. There are things that has been fixed and are easier to do, but the visual competition between why we come to the site and the new distractions, will, eventually drive users out of the site.
Big recommendation as a user: Please remove the over-use of borders, we all loved the SIMPLICITY of the old look and feel.
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