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J'écris de la part de Marine Rebillout, eversmile, qui après avoir subi l'attaque du virus hier matin, a perdu toutes ses photos sur son PC et aussi sur son disque dur qui était branché à ce moment là.Elle ne peut plus se connecter sur internet non plus.Attention, l'attaque semble sérieuse, il serait bien de prévenir tous les membres. En ce qui me concerne, le virus est bloqué par "norton".

I write for Marine Rebillout, eversmile, who having undergone the attack of the virus yesterday morning, lost all her photos on her Pc and also on its hard disk which was connected at this moment there.Now , she can't either connect to internet any more. Attention, the attack seems serious, it would be good to prevent all the members. As for me, the virus is blocked by "norton".

And post #28
"Our friend Sayeed Rahman lost all his files on his computer. All his picture files from years of hard work and travel has simply wiped out in a flash of second."


Looks like a sudden virus attack is somehow connected to this, especially taking into account what is written on this forum (

...The Malware has a pretty nasty payload.

Injects a System Check utility that looks like a legit Windows program that scans your PC and finds issues with your drive, memory and system and then shows you disk "crashing" - looks like all your files are gone, but what it does is set the +H (hidden attrib) to your drive as it is running its "check".

Took a couple hours to isolate and remove, including pre and post cleanup scans.

Are these rogue malware infections coming via unpoliced banner ads on CF?

ESET Nod32 caught the malware on my main laptop.

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