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Default Re: "24 Hour Photo" - A Radical Idea?...

ok i understand what do you whant to say , "People when see a lot of critiques in a photo tend not to write because they feel all has been said and many times that's not true!" .

Yes i 'm agree with , and it's why i havent' got more critiques ! My photo seems perfect ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The problem, somme people don't like when we put somme negative critique so lot off people write like the other for have a good return !

But me and you,i think, want good critique ,because it's nice sometime, but some negative too for be better !

I read one time , a good sugestion , put a smiley near the profil for say : " ok you call tell me the best but the bad too on my photo !

I think i 'll be interesting too, you don't think ?

ps : no photo for you this week ?
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