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Default To emka: Macau is special


once I found a Swedish tourist in brazil and I asked him if he had seen the imperial summer palace of brazil in petrópolis city. He told me not, he was not interested to see another imperial palace because he had seen so much of them in europe. and I said him, you lost the chance to see the only european royal family that lived in americas for two generations, they weren't more europeans, it was a mix, but as most of european tourists he was more interested to see alligators than to know about brazilian history .

It was the same with macau, because it is a mix of portuguese and chinese cultures, not similar things you see in portugal or brazil. even the churches aren't similar as you can think. but, of course, anyone has his-her preferences.

OK. my chinese trip is almost at the end, after I will show more images from my homeland and after that Russia. I know you were curious to see the images of that trip, but be patient. OK? I like to post according with the time line. haha.

take care

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