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Default Upgrading to DSLR

I currently have a Lumix DNC-ZS8 point and shoot. I like it a great deal and am generally pretty happy with the quality, but it's limited and I've been thinking about upgrading to a DSLR.

My issue is money - I'd prefer to spend no more than $800 or so, all inclusive. My understanding is that in general, most recent DSLR bodies - especially Canons and Nikons - are perfectly acceptable for hobbyist and travel photography, and that more money should be spent on the lens. So, basically I'm looking for recommendations. My current plan is to get a cheaper body like the Rebel XS or the Nikon D3100, a cheaper all-in-one such as the Tamron 18-200, and then a 50mm prime for standard higher quality shooting. In general, I tend to take landscape/architecture shots, though in the near future my wife and I may start a family, so I'd want something to capture children (hence the 50mm). Are there inexpensive options I'm missing that would give me more flexibility?

Thanks for any replies!
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