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Default Re: Posts without notes????

see at the moment.. i'm not going into the discussion on whether such photographs have a place on TE or not, since this leans a little too much on the subjective side.. ( am not really thinking about this right now, so i may change my mind later)

but i think it also depends on the perception of the viewer.

now there are some very powerful journalistic shots like the one that i gave in the link.. also see the others in the gallery in my link.
since it's journalistic, they HAVE to be accompanied by a caption atleast which is like a title in a way.. 4 words is not really note.
to me 1000 words is nothing.. the photograph is worth much more.

there are quite a few (in absolute terms and not in relative terms) that are worth much more than 1000 words,
but because they're journalistic, at least a caption/title is needed to give the viewer some direction..
now because there are 4 words attached to it, doesn't mean that the image CANNOT be worth 1000 words or whatever.. you have to see how much the photograph speaks to you after you're put in the right direction..

now there are art photographs... which CAN speak a lot , much more than 1000 words even without a caption or a note. even this depends on the perception of viewer and whether he/she is willing to have a conversation with the photograph
now normally a conversation with a photograph/another person :) is 2 way, even with a person, if you don't make atleast some effort to listen, that person can be rendered not worth any words.

so if you can just let your imagination soar, 1000 words might seema little too less

just to give you an example..
he could see a bicycle in the water while the man ran over it. ( keeping it short , don't remember the exact stuff)
but it was a fantastic bit of perception. he saw something that i didn't. the photograph spoke to him, maybe he was listening..
earlier, i had always gone through this particular photograph in a hurry.

so i WILL NOT say that "photograph is worth a 1000 words"

but rather "a photograph can be worth 1000/more words"
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