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Default To Angshu: Fz-5

Hi Angshu

I had a lot of success with the FZ-5. Many of the 'old' images I have posted here were taken with it. Indeed, I had a far higher success rate with that camera than any I have owned before or since. I tried to recreate the magic last year with an FZ-28 but the 18x lens was a coke bottle compared with the 12x of the FZ-5, too many extra pixels too.

Many thanks for the kind comments on the photo. I too have considered the composition too balanced in the vertical frame but have not managed to improve on the image with cropping. Some things are perhaps meant to break the rules. . .

By the way, you need to update your introduction. You are a very talented photographer with more skills in his shutter finger than I will ever have. I don't think I have seen a TE member with such natural ability since Manny.

Best wishes

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