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Default To macjake: do locals live there?

Thank you Craig,

You ask some interesting bit somewhat difficult questions. I found 23 persons registered as living in the narrow orange house in the middle (built in the 1520's). In case there are children below 18 they are not registered. Obviously there are several apartments, probably two on each floor. I couldn't find anything for the pink building on the left side but it is clearly stated that nobody is living in that deep green building, although it seems to be administered by a private housing committee. Maybe it's used for Airbnb? Normally these culturally listed buildings would be owned by the city.

I think locals regard this as a very touristy side of the city (which it is, I wouldn't order a ridiculously expensive coffee at any of the cafés here), but it's not avoided like the plague. I imagine those living here have to be very tolerant to noise all night long in the tourist season. I prefer my quiet dead end street on Södermalm.

Have a nice week,

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