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Default Dank je wel Edwin...

Hoi Edwin!

Just great, thanks a lot!

The first site is very beautiful, a very artistical concept, I hope I'll be able to shoot a couple of pictures as lovely as on this site.
And, as a real French woman oughts, I'm now already dreaming to try "ungstrull and glödhoppa" and have "saffron pancakes with dewberry jam and cream"as dessert... :o) For loosing calories afterwards I think the area will also be perfect for biking!
Second site gives a good idea of the history and cultural value.

Anyway, our itinerary plans are not quite ready yet...
We are leaving May 26th and having first night by family in Fiesland, north of the Netherlands, and we are hoping to reach the Oresund bridge May 27th... Spending maybe a couple of days in Skåne before driving east towards Öland and having later a meeting with our two friends around June 3rd in the neighbourhood of Stockolm, a girl from Zwolle marying a Swedish guy from Eskilstuna! Internet love! :o)
Then almost 4 weeks to go to, trying to spend 2 in Norway. I simply love the Jotunheimen, road 51 and the Peer Gynt Way, and the high fjells of Haukeligrend, Telemark. Even more stunning than all the fjords!

We probably will come back via the west coast, camping at Glaskogen Natural Reserve, Varmland, and later in Stocken, Orust, and then we must be crossing the bridge back ;o((( at least on July 1st. Maybe we will cross eachother somewhere... :o)

Vriendelijke groetjes - Viviane
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