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Default To Royaldevon: Inside the tunnels

Thank you Beverley,

According to my memories of 11 years ago, I could walk upright in the different tunnels.
There are many levadas passing through tunnels and the situations differ from place to place.

You always need a flashlight for those walks or you won't get far.
In some tunnels the walls and ceiling are damp, water drips through and the rock under your feet can be wet and slightly slippery. In other tunnels, the walking path is dry and safe.
I seem to remember holding the flashlight with one hand and shining it on the path so as not to trip, while holding my other hand in front of my head so as not to bump into a protruding rock in the dark (which didn't happen but it was something that seemed possible to me) .

I have a memory of one longer tunnel that didn't go straight but made a turn inside the mountain so that no light came in from the exit.
Walking slowly should be enough to go through the tunnels without any problems.
Tunnels and walking routes in Madeira have been checked for safety. It comes down to always using common sense.

Best regards,
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