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Default Re: TE best images stolen...

Hi Scott the poor mollusc!

"...a few idiots in the forums ran to my photos and gave retaliatory critiques to them because they did not agree with some rule change that the administration made".

Sniff, sniff!.... Another victim so fragile that nobody understand... So you've close your account for that, poor little creature... If I could, I would take you in my arms to comfort you and I would pay attention not to crush your bones; you are so fragile... Sniff, sniff.

Each year, I promise you that every TE members will take part in a vigil in your honour, to mark your departure from this harsh environment. We will remember you as someone full of promises, but totally misunderstood by others. My heart is bleeding Scott and will pray for you and your redemption.

Please excuse me, I have to dry my cheek full of tears...

What you don't understand, is that when someone intervene on this discussion to say: "Let us do nothing about this problem, there is no problem actually", but the guy doesn't live the frustration of having images being stolen, because he only post a photo a year, I don't get the point... Here, on this very forum, this topic have been raise over and over, members have started new discussions every month or so, realizing their photos are spread on the net, stolen by unscrupulous people.

So if you are not concerned by these problems, and someone like Sigmund Freud, aka Greg Michael, participate on the thread, only to make the discussion derailed by accusing "photo-stolen-frustrated" members of searching for their 15 seconds of fame, or Adrian that put its 2 cents just to show that he doesn't understand the dynamic of the discussion, mixing "protection of images" with IPod batteries and porn on Flickr, at one point, you have to wonder why is it people who barely use TE that feels the urge to opposed for a minimal protective feature.

It's like if I would insist to be invited at Belgian parlement to intervene in the debate around the separation of their country, because I have once been in Bruges...

Come on poor mollusc, you can write and participate any time you want in these forums, but you have to feel concerned about the topic, not coming here just to make sure your name appears on the thread. You see mollusc, there's often some good questions or insightful topics posted here, but there's always a imp that appears out of the blue, trying to confuse and dilute the message or the questionning people are participating in.

So mollusc, you are obviously a victim of many misunderstanding by the wolves of TE. But don't be surprised if you are eaten alive, because you are the weakest possible mollusc, incapable to realize that if you receive such bad reactions from others - and I don't know what they have done to you - you might have fueled it yourself.

Run mollusc, run!
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