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I hate the crop factor. Pure and simple. For the 40D what can I get that will give me a wide angle and at a quality that I can get with the 5D? Im starting to shoot much more at night. I need a fast wide angle lens. Theres NOTHING that I can get for the 40D that will even approach what something like a 24mm f/1.4 gives me. On a 40D that lens is useless to me. Ive deiced that the next camera will be a full frame and Im never going back to a cropped camera again. Ill keep the 20D and use it with my 50mm to give me a different focal length as a 2nd body. They could put all the bells and whistles on the 40D they could, Im not biting:) Ill see what the 6D will offer...maybe a live view option to shoot with the LCD? THAT would be a dream.
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