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Default Re: Your favourite place in your country (Greece)?

Hello everybody!

For my everyday life i choose the capital of Greece, Athens. It may have some problems (as every big city does) but it has a lot to offer (job opportunities, night and day life, sightseiing, nice beaches, all through the year).
The most beautiful place in Greece for me it's Santorini island (do i need to explain why?) and the best season to be there it's spring. A lot of flowers, few tourists and moderate temperatures.
But if I want to enjoy the sea and the most beautiful beaches, Milos island, Leykada island and Xalikidiki is my choice. There are amazing beaches throughout Greece but in these 3 places you can found a lot of them in a small distance.
For the winter (and for skiing) i choose Macedonia (Naousa,Veria and the surroundings), Phlio and Parnassos. In Macedonia you can find grate skiing resorts and divine forests. In Phlio you can find a small skiing center and a lot of picturesques villages around it. Parnassos finally has one of the best skiing centers in Greece and there you can combine winter sports, sightseeing (Delfi is very close), night life in Araxwva and sea in Galaxidi (a beautiful village by the sea).