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Default Re: i don't agree

OK Claude ... you don't have to agree,the world is more interesting due to the fact people have different opinions ...

The subject of this photo is the woman and the hard work she is doing ... The house in the back has no relevance and distracts the eye from the composition!

I don't know if you ever worked in a rice field ...
I did ... And I find that in order to enhance the image the background and the canal in the foreground should have been cropped ... The woman,the rice and the earth...they are the subject.

I also believe that in your workshop you added too much contrast and burned completely the rice and the woman's conical hat ... you should have compensated for that by at least reducing the brightness ...

But as I said , to each his own opinion,that makes the world a richer and more interesting place .

Regards ,


P.S. I think it was Rousseau that said:"I don't agree with a single word you say,but I will fight so you will be able to say it ..."
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