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Default Re: Posts without notes????

hi jose

i wrote in the end
that "an image CAN be worth 1000 words"
not IS

also... normally i've assumed that when we talk about an image being worth 1000 words they talk about the impact of the image being worth 1000 words and not literally..

for example.. james nachtwey's photographs of the rwanda genocide CAN have the same or even greater impact (emotional) as a book written on it (obviously depending on its quality)

"Do you really think that if that image was so clear to everyone, that people would permit that those situations would continue to happen? That image is from 1993. How many children have died since then in the same situation? How many images like that have been showed in the tv, newspapers and magazines? People even show disagreement in showing those images in the news at dinnertime, because they are not suited for that occasion!!!"

it's a pity that you feel this way. most people feel the same way.
why not also have a look at how many children have been saved since then.

it's always easy to look at what something hasn't been able to do , but seeing what something has been able to do is what most people are missing out on..

now just giving some small examples... of what all has been done.. by some photographs

all this is very trivial compared to what all has been done.. but makes a world of a difference to people who are affected

i will leave out the famous "sharbat gula"(afghan girl) photograph since most people already know about it. she herself had no idea how much of an impact her photograph had on other afghans

this particular photograph appeared in one of the national geographics in the 80s i think ( don't remember the exact issue). mccurry was covering the monssons in india.. there was a flood in this place and this man was trying to save his livelihood. ok as an indian.. i don't really need the words for this one.. i know what's happening. it's quite obvious to me.

but the manager of this particulr sewing machine company got to have a look at this photograph in NG just by chance and he was so struck that he found this old man and gave him a new sewing machine. very trivial in comparison to all the other things that are happening.. but a big thing for the old man

have a look at this photograph and also read what's written below..

these are just 2 of the many photographs that made me realise the power of photographs..
they're quite priceless to me..
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