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Default Re: To MarianneS: Thank you, and my thought on why...

Hello Way,
I understand your disappointment.
A far as I am concerned, I write a note on a photo because I like it. Not because the photographer has a lot of points or not.
But, of course, those who have a lot of points are also quite often excellent photographers.
In addition to this, when someone takes a few minutes to look at my photo and to write a note, it makes me happy.
And I appreciate this, so I think it is normal (and polite) to go on his/her gallery to look at his/her photos and take some time to find a note to write. I will never write 'wonderful photo' if I do not like the photo. But if I don't like it, it is probably because despite my 'beginner level' I find something that could be improved. Then, I try to be objective and positive to say it.
And I hope it can be helpful, as all critiques I received until now really helped me to improve my shots.
So, if you want more critiques... I think this is the only way to get them, in addition to your very very nice photos :-)
Thanks for explaining your feelin. I am glad you are still there because I saw another photo which I like... see you there.
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