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Originally Posted by keshavn View Post

Photos of flowers and waterdroplets CAN tell something about this world, photos of toothbrushes can NOT.
Just my two pence:

keshavn, it seems that you stick to the words of the rule but failed (or ignore) to understand the whole implied meaning of it, that is: Trekearth is about GEOGRAPHY, and it's meant by his creator to show the peculiar aspects or features of a place. If I want to know about Holland, its geography, usually I want to see its cities, its buildings, roads and streets, forests, gardens, factories, people (all things which geography deals with). We could also say (IMO) the macrocosm of Holland. A single flower, or droplet, (microcosm) can be found in every country or city of the world so does not say anything about Holland unless you show together with it also something which belongs to the macrocosm of Holland.

I cannot understand the obstinacy some people have to post those subject in TE when there is a dedicated site like Treklens or Treknature.

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