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It can't be too much of an issue as it has taken 9 months to respond to Porteplume's explanation.

Here you are right. TE is not one of my main places to post my photos, and it will not be as long as you are not willing to change rules like that I write about here, or at least read comment and use common sense. Billy photo comment said THIS IS NOT A DOMISTICATED CAT. I was explaining that the cats, 2 kitten and mother was taking shelter under our terrace because of the monsoon. I came close to this cat once and he bite my finger, and that was not a bite of a domesticated cat.
The whole reason I write anything here is that I want TE to be a better site with many active members. Now members are leaving and the real active ones are few. I have read several complains from others and Im sure many members agrees but dont write anything in forum. I have seen that in here that it was 1 to 3 active members online. That should make you worried. And then you would try to make the change to make the site more attractive because the site needs photographers many photographers. That should be more important than to keep rigid rules just because they were made when TE was new 14 years ago.

PS Now it is 30 active on the site 1 member and 30 guests and this is a global site

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