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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

I have I concur with Narayan's choice, which is very similar to mine, except maybe I would swap "helping hand" (which is probably too similar with "back to life") for another image in your portfolio.
On the Cardiff side, I also would swap "Romance on St Mary", which might not be probably sharp enough, for "baby don't cry", which proposes a different "distance" than the other ones, although it might not be as good.

Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems to me that agencies don't like very much motion or loose bokeh blurried images, hence I would first be a stickler to whichever shot that includes either, that's why I'd sack "Romance...". Also I'm afraid we could expect shots like "Romance" or "stinking toilets" from a 17 years old, not a 30 years old reporter (happy birthday, btw)... getting some fun is ok, not for everybody when you're looking for employment... it's a problem of who you're sending your picture to...

I'm also surprized with some of the images you selected.
On my part, I think you have much better photos than say Cardiff "Sunday 1AM" or Tamil Nadu's "Stripes and ladder".
Another thing that the "masked criticer" wrote in your Pbase gallery about redundancy is very true : most of your shots are redundant. I take that portfolios should show your ability on shooting different scenes, different views without loosing your own style and showing different aspects, for instance back to life and nap are very complimentary, in their situation, in their format... but most of the images you selected have a similar "distance" or feel (not that they are not good, but are on the same basis) in the end, it looks a bit redundant : look at "back to life", "helping hand " and "how are you", it's the same image, reduundant information. th enegative point is that you took three images to say one thing.

As a recommandation, I think you should try to vary your selection with different POVs.

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