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Reply to Lydia about whether the photo or the note is more important on TE !
Well, on most photographic sites, the photos are probably more important.
But what makes Trekearth unique, is that the photos and improving their quality is important, but also the notes are just as important, in order to learn about the world through photography.
But even more, the interaction, thoughtful critiques and friendship between the members are invaluable.
Not everybody puts all that into their TE activity and some just about follow the rules, but the activity is so much richer if we act differently.
A proof is that several people left on a whim, irritated by the rules, but ended up coming back.
And despite the drawbacks on the site, the regular members even if they are not that numerous, stay because they enjoy the quality of relationship so much.
It certainly is a photographic site, but so much more as well !
Here is a very good summary about the site by Mkamionka on his 10th anniversary of TE.
Best regards.
PS. About the notes copied literally from a website. That's no good because it's often too long and uninteresting to the reader.
Personally, I think that we can get inspiration, say from Wikipedia, but make a summary of it ourselves.
Let's try to always leave it short in order to capture the attention, ask ourselves what can be of interest to the reader. If it isn't then leave it to just the essential.

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