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Default Where are my two pictures

Dear Moderator! Dear Colleagues!
In those days you took two photos of me, one showing the Wawel castle in Krakow, the second palace in Kozłówka. I received information from you that it was because I did not provide the source of information in the description under the photos. According to the recommendation, I improved the sub-photos and sent you, but unfortunately, on the one hand, I have no answer from you, and on the other hand, my photos have not been restored. It's a bit boring, because half of the captions under the photos on TE do not have the source of information provided. And I am completely amused by the one-sentence signatures under photos of other TE users in Turkish or Chinese. I understand that every fourth person in the world speaks Chinese, but surely every fourth TE user also? Why am I writing about it? Because I think that removing my two photographs is a misunderstanding and I am asking for clarification of this misunderstanding.
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