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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

No, don't think they'll go for a bigger mount.

I'm wondering... Fuji just came out with a 'Nikon D200 clone'. Apart from the speed and the dead pixels I keep on reading about, this seems to be a pretty good camera!

What are the odds that the 1.1x crop sensor would become a Super CCD chipset, instead of the standard single layered chip that is used right now? A 9 Megapix SuperCCD is actually giving an 18 megapixels output.

On the VR + VR = 2VR... It is very difficult from a technical point of view - if not impossible - to combine the working of to gyroscopes, since that is basically what VR is. The VR in the lense does also not communicate with the body - and in order to combine two gyroscopes you at least need lense and body communicating about it...
So... 2xVR would to me mean that you'll turn off one of the two - making the VR lenses a bit useless on a body with shake reduction. And in that sense, I feel it is hard to believe a 3DX would have shake reduction, since Nikon would kill its own market for VR lenses!
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