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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

The only option will be the Sigma 30/1.4, which is a good lens, but which is not tiny either and it is not made by Nikon, which many want.

That's an nderstatement, it's a very good lens, for example read this (expirienced!) user review here :

not the last alinea, but the one before that it.

Besides that, your post was interesting to read.

About Nikon and fullframe, I've read things about (rumours though) such as this :

Nikon has stated that if and when they release a fullframe DSLR it will include a larger diameter lensmount. The F-mount (and similar sized mounts used by other brands) is not capable of producing the image quality on the frame edges required for a digital sensor. Due to internal processes in the sensor which do not happen in film there will be too much loss of quality."

(comment on

They thus might need a new mount..and will they do that? It's a high price to pay.

Maybe the yields of full frame sensors for Nikon are just not high enough. The price is significant higher.
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