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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

No source Emiel, I just think it's the most logical next move for Nikon if they want to increase their market share.
At the moment, even though the D2x is a fine camera, they have nothing to touch the Canon IDs Mk II. At the consumer end of the range, Nikon has the better products, but if they want to be a serious competitor at the top end of the market they need to produce models that can compete with the Canon full frame cameras.
Another reason to expect a FF Nikon in the near future is the fact that Sony has recently released prototype shots of their new top-end model. It has a big prism and is almost certain to be FF. The new Sony 35mm format lenses also point in that direction; they certainly didn't make them to please users of old Minolta Dynax film bodies!
Nikon use Sony sensors in their cameras, so I would expect a FF D3/D3X before the end of the year. This should ensure that they can compete at the top end of the market, but if they really want to keep up with Canon in the high-end enthusiast market, they need to make the successor to the D200 compete on equal terms with the Canon 5D and it's successor. I'd expect a FF D300 a few months after the D3X. Fingers crossed!
Of course, this is all speculation, but one things for sure - the next year or so should be very interesting indeed...
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