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Smile To willperrett: Desaturating Lindisfarne

Hi Will

Yes - a few could learn a thing or two from desaturating their shots on TE! Maybe I'll start a new trend! As for the FG clutter - I couldn't remove it without a course of steroids and a 6 month Charles Atlas course and I don't have the post processing knowldege or skills to do it virtually!

I'll let you know if and when a trip to Lindisfarne might be possible... quite some way to go but well worth it.

I checked out your "snap" and I know those boats - they are still in the same position! I think the one in the FG is in shade due to a larger boat up on some kind of wooden frame for repairs just to the right of where you were standing? These sheds are about 25 yards to the left of where you were - surprised you didn't clock them.


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