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Talking Just A Few More Millimetres

hahahahahah inches...millimetres...beggars can't be choosers

My actual response to your message is better repeated elsewhere, as this is a family website, but suffice to say that I needed to renew my Depends I was laughing so hard.

But back to photo talk and Craig's extra millimetres. Craig sent me the same message, and I can see why, his extra millimetres certainly can do impressive things. But I;ve always wondered what this really means on a full frame camera. I think I sent you a message or email a while back responding to your question about the lens. Who knows, perhaps Santy will fork out for a nice lens, but I seriously doubt it. I'm tempted to get the fish-eye lens if I was to get anything. What way are you leaning? (And I meant leaning as opposed to dressing).

Oh and I'm glad you liked the WS. I actually should have dragged the frame further to get rid of the shadow of the tree trunk, but you get the gist of what I was trying to do.

heheheheh e "gyrating lunchboxes" that ones gonna stay with me all day.

Un abbraccio
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