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Default "Learn about the world through photography" they said...

As for me, I try to go for the better of both worlds, trying to be creative with the photos and still showing and teaching something about the world in each one of them... i may fail from time to time, if that happens just slap me! This is what i try to do, this is what i like to see.

The detail that i wanted most to see improved is the notes, i really have fun reading them, i learn lots of stuff from diferent places, cultures, events. A photo with no notes is like a garden with no flowers or a woman with no ... (AHHHH caught you!!!)

I like TE for what it is, for it's core members and friendly athmosphere, i enjoy seeing a new member improve with the time, i loveeeeee to see first photos from older members, but i must agree with Jean when i see Beer Cans i just don't get it... there's always space to improve... and the notes are a "must" to me.
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