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Default Re: annoying error message

hi Dan, and thanks for response.
yes, I posted 20 critiques yesterday, the one I had trouble with was #17 or something :) no problem before or after. and this is what I tried to write:
most surreal scene, but the blooming trees unmistakably show spring, there is nothing more cheerful and optmistic than pale pink blossoms against the saturated blue sky. the rock formations seem to be straight from Dali's painting, I like a lot the contrast they create with "pop-culture"-like trees. great shot, my compliments.
for the life of me I cannot figure where I violated "no promise of points" rule. no ";)" there, and I could not add the comment even as "NR". I'm not in a habit of "promising" points, it doesn't make any sense to me, and on top of that I'm well aware that we cannot edit critiques later than 15 min after posting, so this error message sound quite strange.

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