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Default Re: Please remove Middle East Region!!

My original reply may have seemed a bit direct, but I'm just sick of people joining the site and almost immediately 'demanding' changes.
Adam did explain a long time ago where he obtained his list of countries and regions from and also said he wasn't going to change it. Part of the reason for refusing any change was that there are many different lists and he needed to be consistent. There was also the impossible task, already mentioned by others, of then checking and changing the details of over 608,000 photos on the site.
After much searching I came across this from Adam in a previous topic:-

"Since Asia was getting too big, I extracted some Asian countries for a 'Middle East' section, so Turkey has been moved there as well.

It seems that the landmass to the right of the Bosporus Strait, which is called Anatolia, is a part of Asia (Middle East). And since most of Turkey is located east of the Bosporus, Turkey was placed in the Middle East.

Some systems combine Europe and Asia into Eurasia, but this site lists Europe and Asia (and Middle East) separately."
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