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Default Re: Please remove Middle East Region!!

The truth is, although Keith could have been more subtle, I agree with him in principle. I am quite sure that the moderators here will give far greater weight to the opinions of members who are well established here and have a history of good participation.

You say it was not a demand, but your title contained two exclamation points (!!), which doesn't sound to me to be a polite enquiry. Why you would choose to use the word warning is a little odd too.

This has come up in the past and there is an established reason different countries are classified in different locations. I can't remember the protocol Adam chose, but it is one which places Turkey in the Middle East and it is the same one which places Tibet in China. This is not a political choice on Adam's part, but a set of tools that he has used from the beginning of TE.

Quite honestly, getting so caught up in labels seems to be missing the big picture slightly.
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