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One of the things that I like to do once in a while is organizing the locations, which very often are much messed up (duplicates, wrong subdivisions, etc.). I would do that much more more often if I had means to be more effective, namely:

1- Moving photos to another country. In these cases I use the "Report Problem" form, but I don't apparently those reports are always ignored, as I notice some situations already reported years ago.

2- Change the location of photos directly and not only the folders or galleries. Very oftenly I spot photos which right location I recognise but I can do nothing because the gallery has photos of various distinct locations.

Can I have the means to help on that?

Another thing I want to ask the sysadmins is to reorganize the subdivisions of Morocco, that now has little to do with the administrative divisions used in the country, so it is impossible to do a good organization there. In Morocco there are 16 "regions" which are subdivided in "provinces" and "prefectures" (these are at the same level, ie, basically some provinces are called prefectures). The folders used in Trekearth have name of provinces, but as there are many provinces and prefectures that are missing, it is impossible to know wher to put places like, for instance, Taroudant or Chichaoua (which are provinces, but they haven't a folder). The French Wikipedia is a good source (not the English one) to do that. Notice for instance. I'd suggest considering creating folders only for the regions and not the provinces, as in many cases the province will be difficult to identify.

Thank you.
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