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I see this problem a lot.
In Ireland the reason was often that some people did not agree with Northern Ireland being politically part of the United Kingdom - they often pasted Northern Irish photos under Republic of Ireland as a sign of protest I guess. Only person who knows the country well would be able to pick it up though.
Should I always report it when I see it?

Another messy country is UK. The division into counties is not very clear. For example I live in Teesside area which was part of county Cleveland. Now formally County Cleveland does not exist and they say that "for ceremonial purposes" Tesside has been divided between County Durham (north of the river Tees) and County North Yorkshire (south of the river Tees). But it is just "for ceremonial purposes" as authorities are quite delocalized here. Local Police is still called Cleveland Police, and the road signs for North Yorkshire start AFTER Teesside.

More problems in the UK are for example with Newcastle upon Tyne which is historically part of County Northumberland and it is where people place it. Together with its neighbouring area. However usually people miss the fact that Newcastle Metropolitan Area has formally its own county which is called County Tyne and Wear.
So if you look for photos from Newcastle -most of them are in the wrong location!

Similarly with some regions around Manchester or Liverpool which are historically part of Lancashire but not anymore, as now they are for example part of Greater Manchester area which is a separate county.
The confusion arises even when looking at addresses - I have seen once a name of a town "xxx in Lancashire" although it was actually in Greater Manchester.

Occasionally when I see it I tell it to the people. But when a country is wrong like a photo from Prague is under Krakow, I cannot help anymore...
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