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Default Re: Equipment Issues

Hi Simone,
my two cents on your points...
1- put your money on lenses, definitely... digital bodies are evolving so quickly, if you look at the top cameras available two years ago, like the EOS10D they are now outranged (and BY FAR!!!) by the budget end SLRs like the 350D for half the price they cost.
As far as it goes you should expect your SLR to last two years, three years at most.
On the other hand, there's little evolution in optics... except that some brands are trying to market lenses adapted to small size (APS size) digital sensors, Nikon's are called DX, Canon's are called EFS ALTHOUGH theses lenses will not fit on the next digital SLR generation (we already know that by Canon's newest release : the EOS5D). Hence you should invest on the most reliable, but also more xepensive, "Full Frame" lenses.

2- Just make sure you have at least 512M RAM... 1Gig is better.

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