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Hello Xevi,

This si what I can read on your intro:

I live in Catalonia (Spain, Europe), in a little city near Barcelona called Banyoles and I'm a computer programmer who loves to travel and take lots of pictures, so I'm just an amateur photographer. I have bought my first digital camera (Minolta Dimage 7i) just few years ago, after some years taken pictures with a traditional SLR (Minolta as well). Later I bought a Canon EOS 300D and just the last month the new Canon EOS 350D.

I’d like to learn to take really good pictures like some of yours, but I need a lot of practice for it, and usually I only have time for shot when I'm traveling, so it will be a very difficult goal.

If it is not your new intro I can try to edit it... Please give me the intro you would like to have there...

Amicalement - Viviane
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