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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

Indeed, that's what I figured too, they have to communicate. I didn't know the lens doesn't do that, (I don't use a Nikon..) but well, since they don't I guess it won't work when you combine them.

The Fuji is for sure a good camera, it's not fast indeed, I haven't heared about dead pixels, but if you should just return the camera, because they don't belong to be there. You pay a large amount and you should expect only the best, not a sensor with dead pixels.

But the dynamic range of that machine is incredible, much better than the competition. But isn't it the other way around, 18Mpix SuperCCD gives 9MP output? It has two layers of sensors right?, which can be combined to make up that higher dynamic range, but the output is just 'number of pixels length' x 'number of pixels width'
I read that the maximum resolution is 4256 x 2848, is that correct?
If not, I don't understand how a sensor with 9MPix, which means 9 million sensors, can give an output which normally should come from 18 million sensors..
As far as I know this can only be interpolated?

Likewise, Sigma's SD14 (marketed as 14MP) which has three layers of sensors, one for blue, one for red, one for green, gives an output of 2652x1768 (~4,7 MP, times 3 colours makes 14MP; 14066208px)
But the actual photo has the resolution of a 4,7Mpix photo..which is important to know when you want to print in large formats.
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