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Default Re: Mass storage 'on the road' with CompactDrive PD7X

Allo chu Thanh,

1) I am currently has the 60GB CompactDrive PD7X Image Tank Portable Storage with the 5400 RPM with 8 MB cache.

2) The one without capacity is just for the box, there is no internal harddrive. You can buy your own 2.5 inches HD and put it in yourself.

3) Yes, on one full charged set (4 AA 2000mA batteries), it can dump 25-28GB.

4) The PDA itself is a Ni-CA/Ni-MH charger (and a good one too) with the tiniest universal power adapter that I have seen. Great for travel if you ask me. Yes, Alkaline battery can also be used but it does not last as long as Ni-MH since Alkaline is not suited to high current applications.

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