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Default Re: Mass storage of photos 'on the road'

Hi chu Thanh,

Capacity wise, it is up to the kind of photographer. I am a conservative one (i.e.: I do not shoot anything that comes into view and rarely shoot more than 2 shots on the same subject) and I find that on a good day I can burn through 2GB. So I think you should be safe for 5GB/2days.

On the subject CD/DVD burning, if you use this service and want to make sure that the CD/DVD has the files, you have to ask the guy who did the service to browse to the CD/DVD and show you on the computer screen. That is the only way to make sure.

Due to my security background, I tends to get very anal about computers. I would not trust anyone to handle my files unless I have no other choices. There are enough Internet shops out there that has enough virus/trojan/key logger to freak anyone out. Therefore, I always drag with me my sub-notebook which serves as both a hardrive storage and CD backup device. I also have with me a portable digital wallet to dump the contents of memory card while I am on the field. I told you that I was anal.

For a heavy-usage digital photographer, the best choice is portable digital wallet. There are several of them in the market, I had the Vosonic X-Drive II which I was happy with except for the battery life (20 minutes) and time it takes to copy a memory card (8 minutes/1GB). These drawbacks has forced me to rethink how a portable digital wallet (PDW) should be:

1) Performance: in a typical wedding, I can burn through a 1GB in 10 minutes. I need the PDW to dump as fast as it can so it can be ready for my backup cards.
2) Battery life: I can shoot anywhere from 10GB to 20GB on a typical wedding day, if PDW cannot dump at least 8GB per charge it is not usable.
3) Backup battery: If you are going on a long camping trip or places that electricity are not accessible, you need backup batteries for your PWD.
4) Robustness: I abuse my gear and need the PWD to withstand the knocks.

After a lot of searching, I bought the CompactDrive PD7X portable digital wallet.

1) PD7X can dump 1GB CF card in 3 minutes
2) On 1 full charge, it can dump 25-28GB
3) It uses 4 AA Ni-MH batteries, I can have a loads of them on my trip and never have to worry about battery drains again.
4) The outer case is in aluminum, the hardrive can sustain 900G non-operating and 225G while operating.

Its drawback is a limited support for microdrives due to the high capacity requirement of these drives.

For Myanmar, I left my laptop home because of political upheavals lately in the country and I don't want to be branded as a journalist. The PD7X has performed admirably well in all conditions.

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