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Default Mass storage of photos 'on the road'

I have for some days no had my new Archos GMINI 400. A palm sized 20 GB 'ipod'variant.

This is a very small device that can hold thousands of photos and/or be used as a MP3 player etc (or both..)

The advantage of organizing catalouges etc is also a fine advantage.

You can see your photos on a little colour screen, or connect to TV or PC for larger images. Option for slides show.

Your camera card can be inserted in the Archos for transferring of photos - all in seconds (and you just had to have one card with you..)

On travel I have used to go with my PC for storing photos - as for the future this little device will be a part of my camera bag equipment.

..well just for anyone interested :-)

Product homepage <A href="">here >></A>
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