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30D is out of the question. You, i believe, and Tom made such a good rap against it (then it was vs 20D) I will not consider it. I am used to these bodies now, after having 300 and 350D (in the civilized world), finish I could not care less, I have been riding hundred of kms in the Rajasthan desert and worse, cambodian dusty roads, with these things around my neck. a little healing brush, and the trick is done, but absolutely never any disfunctionning from the cameras. Viewfinder? I am not a pro, yet these cameras are allowing me to keep imtproving, so as long as it does not smell like an a...hole ;-)...

Really, it's the IQ I am after, and people seem a bit circumspect about it concerning what was to be expected from the 40D. I hope the DP review full test comes out soon.
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