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Adrian I have a 40D and gave the live view a try, I must say it's way too limited to be a feature justifying a purchase.
What I like compared to my 350D is burst mode speed, AF reactivity, viewfinder, ergonomy in handling and menus, noise is of course better and 3200 ISO produces acceptable results with a bit of cleaning. I think the highlights mode can be handy although bracketing and HDR would do the trick as well and to my ear the shutter noise is a significant improvement that can be useful in some situations. It also has those picture styles but since I shoot raw and don't use the canon software I believe I don't have much to expect from them, still IQ is significantly vivid, which I like.
If you've seen your present camera long enough, an option could be to get one for a year or so, and sell it when the expected 5DMkII comes to life, next PMA is a widely accepted date.
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