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I have been reading Francis' report very carefully and went out to try the 40D. I'm positively impressed with the AF and the photo burst speed but I must say like Hervé, I was disappointed with its shutter noise, hitting dry and hard, nothing like the rich fat "thump" coming from the 5D shutter (quite similar in the end to some of the Leica R). I was also quite unimpressed with its weather concealment, maybe this is something one shouldn't be impressed about though...

For Hervé : as for the XTI (also called 400D in more civilized countries), I DO NOT recommend this purchase. The body is horribly small, the finish is plasticky, and the viewfinder gives you a feeling that you're aiming through one's a**hole... the image quality is ok although it cannot compete with a 5D.
I once read something that Adrianw wrote about the 400D : he claimed with more scientific figures than I my own feeling cab bring that the pixels never look sharp. I agree with that statement.

If money is the problem, maybe you could also go for a while with a discounted 30D.

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