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Default Re: Tsunami Calendar: Which Charities?

Here are some more links, not from local charities but from international organizations through which you can donate directly to the regions affected by the quake and the tsunami. All the following links are suggested through the BBC News website.

<a href=></a> UN Children’s Fund

<a href=></a> UN Refugee Agency

<a href=></a> Save the Children

<a href=></a> Anti poverty organisation Care International

<a href=></a>
Agency for Overseas Development

<a href=></a> The Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force

<a href=></a> The Red Cross, with its sister charity the Red Crescent

<a href=></a>
Christian Aid

<a href=></a> Christian charity Tearfund

<a href=></a>
Islamic Relief

<a href=></a>
The Islamic Aid Emergency Relief Fund

<a href=></a> Muslim Hands

<a href=></a> Medair

<a href=></a> Handicap International

<a href=></a>
World Vision

<a href=></a> Concern

<a href=></a> The International Rescue Committee

<a href=></a>
The Salvation Army

<a href=></a> Muslim Aid

<a href=></a> Action Aid

<a href=></a> Oxfam

<a href=mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]</a> (Asia Quake Relief Appeal UK, a UK-based Sri Lankan organisation, is also raising money and can be e-mailed)

<a href=></a>
World Jewish Aid

<a href=></a> Hindu NGO Baps Care International

<a href=></a> Goal teams

<a href=></a> Action Against Hunger

<a href=></a> United Nations World Food Programme

<a href=></a> The Disasters Emergency Committee
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