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Default Re: "Polonaise" 's response...


I have quoted your response below for the convenience of other thread readers.

As you have not yet seen my picture, how can you pre-judge me/my picture by saying "I really have my doubts...I really do"? If you have seen it and agree with the moderator's action, that is one thing. But BEFORE you've seen it? Come on!

Additionally, you started your post by saying that I've "...wasted your time". Dear Sir, I have not forced you to read my post. Certainly, I have not forced you to write a response. If your time is so valuable, you might consider not reading my thread, and definietly, not bother answering it.

Quoted "Polonaise"'s answer to my original thread posting:

"Instead of complaining and wasting our (and yours) time on describing your photo - simply post it as a workshop at your latest upload - for us, to see what kind of unjust action was taking place on TE against you...

(It applies only if you're are decent enough to supply exactly the same version of your photo as it was posted in the first place).

I have my doubts, brother...
I really do...

All the best in 2008

g. "
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