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Default Re: Sebastiao Salgado

i really like one photograph in particular for it's contrast .

sorry i dont know how to make a lnk :)
what puzzles me here is the exposure on the face of the woman at the back. it seems that the sun is on the otherside of the canvas barrier ( as it seems from the shadows in the photograph. yet this woman's face is standing out so beautifully. any idea how this was managed or any good guesses?

the toning is sooooooooo nice here.

i was looking for a photograph made by raghu rai, which is very similar to the one taken by salgado except in rai's version, there are 3 people sitting in line reading newspapers while the crowind is flowing around them the composition except for these 3 men, is exactly the same. wanted to show it to you, but can't find it :(
have a nice day
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