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Default Re: Travelling Scandinavia (part two)...

...continued - part two (of two)

East of Kalmar is the island of Öland, a province in itself. It's reached by a 6km long bridge (when built the longest in Europe) and is a very special place. Most spectacular is the southern part, with the Great Alvar with a thin layer of soil on limestone grounds, creating a special kind of flowering (I believe June is the peak period) and an almost Provencalian light. Northern Öland holds the only city Borgholm with an old ruined castle, used for open-air-concerts, and the Swedish Royal Summer Residence "Solliden". The are a lot of restaurants (watch out, special prices!) and a lot of summer visitors - and it should especially be avoided around the Midsummer Holidays (June 25-27) because of the youth invation (I've been there!).
Seven reasons to visit Öland are found here, together with a map.

Inland from Kalmar, in the woodlands, lays what is known as the "Kingdom of Crystal" (Glasriket), a widespread centre of 14 glassworks - among the more known are Orrefors, Kosta and Boda. Here you are able to take part in the glass blowing process, buy glass at discount prices and even have a unique meal called "Hyttsill" (hot-shop herring), which is very special and highly recommended! All information about this here.

Going north from Kalmar, or north-east from Glasriket, you once more approach an archipelago, with it's centre in Västervik, a small but charming summer town.

The archipelago continues north as you leave Småland for the province Östergötland and now I'm outside my territory. I know that the city of Linköping has a lovely "old town" and Norrköping is a former working-class city with many beautiful views. But I leave you here!

I hope some of the information I've provided will be of use, and if needed, don't hesitate to contact me for any further help. And, of course, I wish you a nice trip with many photo opportunities! Glaskogen is known as moose country!

Amicalement - Kaj

PS1. Some of the sites have links in French.
PS2. I had to cut the message in two parts as I exeeded 3000 characters (puh!)...
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