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Default Re: Travelling Scandinavia (part one)...

Cher Viviane,

Sorry, I hit the wrong button in my search for information - that's why the preceding is only partly a message!

And then, I'm sorry that I haven't fulfilled my promise to you (March 1st) about tips for your trip to Sweden this Summer. My memory is very good, but it's short! Anyhow here is my contribution:

Scania is very much like Holland/Denmark if you look to the western part. Relatively crowded and densely built-up. The eastern part (called Österlen), east of Ystad, is very nice with a lot of fishing villages/harbours, but with a strong segment of summer visitors. And the sea is normally rather cold in June.

Next province is Blekinge, also known as the Garden of Sweden (that didn't sound too bad in English!), which is very beautiful. A nice archipelago and, more inland, oak woods. The ice-age (or rather the withdrawel) had a great inpact here, so when you travel from west to east it's uphill-downhill-uphill-downhill aso. The archipelago reaches it's peak at Karlskrona, a city built as a naval base in 1680 on several islands and surrounded by many more. This is where the Sovjet submarine W-137 hit land in 1981.

Futher north is the province Småland - the border at Brömsebro was the country border between Sweden and Denmark until 1658 - and the mayor city on the eastcoast is Kalmar, my old hometown. This is a very beautiful summer city, with lots to see and visit, especially the Castle and the County Museum (Länsmuseum) and there is a very nice camping site at Stensö. The museum contains multiple object from the man-of-war "Kronan" which was sunk in the Baltic Sea outside Öland in 1676 by the joint Dutch-Danish Navy.

End of part one (of two) - continued...
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