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Default Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...

When in Eskilstuna don´t miss the little factory museum on the islands in the centre of town, a very nice collection of well polished machinery and technology from mostly 1800´s and early 1900´s. A walk around the old part of Torhälla is allways nice.

Mariefred is a must in that region but don´t forget Strömsholm in the opposite direction. There is also a castle south of Västerås with a nice toy museum.

When we lived in Eskilstuna 1984-1988 we often went to Skottvångs gruvor, an old mine that had a funny restuarant in the main mine building. I don´t know if the restaraunt still exists but that could be fined out I guess. The place is deep in the forests south of Åkers Styckebruk. What a name - stycke-bruk means piece-factory where piece means gun. A reminder of the big wars long ago!

If you like to trek a bit more there is a long hike route going around most of that part of Sweden, it is called Sörmlandsleden and is a marked trail from south of Stockholm in the woodlands first going west to somewhere south of Eskilstuna, then tuning south down to the coast and then back to Sthlm. There are shelters etc. at suitable distances all the way.

I am home with an influensa and my mind works very slowly, if I think of anything else on the matter I´ll get back.

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