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Default Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available

If you want to upload a large panorama, then you got to take care that in the small version a) first the aspect ratio of the photo has to be >2,5 : 1 or 1 : >2,5. b) second ofcourse the largest side has a width/height of max. 800px c) and a minimum of 250 px.

The former implies that the smallest side has to be between 250px (the minimum) and 320px (800/2,5)
321px should not work. The largest side has to be between 625px (250x2,5) and ofcourse 800px.

If your photo can't meet the aspect criterium (>2,5 : 1) then add a border to the longest side, if it can't meet the 250px high (or width) criterium, add a border on the smallest side.

If the largest side is more than 800px you have to downsize it completely.
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